Decade: 1980s



Estuary was made during the three weeks between December 17th 1979 and January 6th 1980. The film was shot from a small cabin boat moored near the mouth of the Keyhaven River. This is a place known to me since my childhood and the location for several paintings, films, and photographic pieces. The camera was fixed relative to the motion of the boat as it responded to the action of wind …

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Sky Light – preview

“The disquieting feeling is that nature is being interrupted or frozen for no apparent reason.” Fred Camper on Skylight in the Chicago Reader, 2001 An idyllic river flows through a forest, flashes of light and colour threaten to erase the image, bursts of short wave radio and static invade the tranquility of the natural sound. The camera searches amongst the craggy rocks and ruined buildings of a bleak and windswept …

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