The View of Entrance Island

Year : 2015

Running Time : 17m Blu Ray

Sound : Yes

View of Entrance Island is a single take film and is my most recent contribution to the tradition, which is as old as cinema itself. . I had waited several years for the right condition to shoot this project. I had a very clear idea about what I wanted but somehow or other I was never there at the location when the conditions were right. True to form , on Monday 9th March 2015, when I first arrived, the fog was so dense that I had to guess where the lighthouse would appear in the frame. But ,as I set the camera on it’s tripod, the fog began to show signs of clearing and at 14.15PST I turned camera on and walked away to the shelter of my truck. The ocean was still very cold from the long northern winter but the land was heating rapidly and the result was the formation of dense fog banks which moved uncharacteristically quickly with the wind.   The combination of wind and fog did my work for me and the video you see is an unedited record of what happened as the spring sunlight gradually heated the land and sea.