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Shoreline #2

1979 First shown at B2 Gallery in 1979, London then at the Tate Millbank in 1981. colour, 16mm, silent, six-screen installation Shore Line #2 is the second in Welsby’s series of installations about the sea. The image is of a beach filmed with the camera pointing vertically downwards at the surface of wet sand and pebbles. Foaming waves rush across the frame from left to right, then recede back the …

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Sky Light – preview

1986 Serpentine Gallery, London UK installation, 16mm, on six screens “The visible is no longer a guarantee of absolute knowledge.” Manohla Dargis writing about Sky Light in the Village Voice, April, 1989 In response to the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Sky Light juxtaposes the violence of mechanistic structures with the beauty of natural phenomena. Made from within the structural aesthetic, the Sky Light installation is both a six screen flicker …

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Tree Studies – preview

2006 A three screen weather driven installation curated for the Gwangju Biennale, South Korea Combining the speed and versatility of modern technology with the strength and spiritual significance of the tree, the installation suggests an environmental model where technology can work collaboratively with natural forces. The combinations of imagery and sound generated in real time is unique at any given moment and is part of a continuously evolving process fueled by …

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